The air filter is an essential element in a motorcycle. It is the entry point of air into the engine and it is an effective barrier against all kinds of impurities.


In general the air filter is to be replaced every 8000 kms and we advise you to choose a durable solution such as the K&N brand of filters or equivalent.


The air filter is a real guardian for the engine’s parts.


Therefore, it is a very important element that contributes strongly to the good health of the engine of your Indian motorcycle.


Our Indian Motorcycle specialists are at your disposal to guide you in the best choice of your air filter kit compatible with a performance Stage 1 for the following ranges:


Indian-Motorcycle 1200 FTR, Indian-Motorcycle SCOOT, Indian-Motorcycle CHIEFTEN, Indian-Motorcycle Challenger.


We are passionate about Indian Motorcycle and we have many years of experience in engine performance & tuning.